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Monday, February 1, 2010

Christmas - 16/12/09

So. Christmas is one of my favorite holiday. Minus Halloween.
I really enjoy Christmas, just the holiday itself. I love the thought of Christmas.
During Christmas, my family all gets together. We have a huge boxing day pot luck, every year since I can remember. Each year it's been at my house. Now, each family has some sort of problem. It's obvious, no family is perfect. And no matter what my family gets together.
This year it's going to be a little different because my Grandpere died. So we're going to have an empty rocking chair as we watch stupid cartoon movies.

Another reason I love Christmas is the cheer. Serious. The songs just actually make me want to sing and dance. No joke. This weekend I'm actually dressing as an elf with a few friends and we're going out to sing and pass out candy canes to people we meet.

We're also collecting money for IWK. Which reminded me of a story I read in the paper at work. This girl, her name is Samantha and she lives in my province. She has a bone cancer. Her christmas wish is to go home for christmas. Though she can't do that, because she's dying. Her step dad is bringing her brothers and her things up to her hospital room, so she can have her Christmas.

This, I think, is the real meaning of Christmas. Those things.
Family. Friends. Joy.
Not santa, and christmas specials. Not getting gifts and shopping.
Or even those nasty boxing day sales.

Now I'm not that religious, but when I was growing up. Christmas was about Jesus. Not Santa.
Christmas is just an excuse for people to buy things now. Or an excuse for kids to get greedy.
Corporations use the day to say. "If you love your partner, by them this expensive item"
And dear LORD boxing day sales? It's the Canadian Black Friday! It's sickening... It's awful.

I told my mother I didn't want anything for Christmas this year. I just wanted to be home.
If I could ask for anything, for myself, I'd want to talk to a certain someone.
If I could ask for anything for everyone else... Instead of wasting your money on shit you don't need. Use your money for people who need it.

Each school has a food bank around Christmas. Use the money for extra cans to give to them. My High School has the Christmas Joy Project. Donate money for the students. There's also a shoebox Christmas program. My mom and I used to sponsor 2 kids. All we did was get simple things like hair brush, hair pins, toothbrush, mittens and hats? We put them in the shoe boxes and some kid gets a good Christmas

But no. This generation of people.. we're just all selfish bastards

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