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Hi, I'm Jac. I'm really bad at these things because I never know what to write about myself. Some main things are just... I'm loud I complain I like to argue I'm optimistic I talk a lot, but I listen just as well. I watch too many movies, probably cause I'm lazy. I'm sarcastic, so I apologize in advance

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Realization- 9/21/09

Today in class, my teacher started a lecture on relationships. He started going on about poverty and abusive relationships. Now, it wasn't just necessarily beating, like physical, but emotional and mental abuse too.

He really got me thinking.

He continued on, saying how women will leave an abusive relationship, only to find themselves in a new one. They can't help it. Those are the men they attract.

Whoa. Stop!

Men they attract. Got me thinking again.. what kind of men do I attract. I thought about it. So hard, so long. I realized these so-called men I attract aren't even worthy of calling men.
All the "men" I have met recently are assholes. They want ass, not a person.
These "men" are liars, cheaters, scammers.
These are "men" I haven't met face to face

Then I realized

These were guys I met from roleplaying!
Are all guys on the internet just on for fucking with people?
A guy I was closest with on here, he ended up lying to me about everything. He lied to me about his whole life. The next thing I knew.. he was dead
Or so I was told.

Is everyone on the internet a liar?

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