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Hi, I'm Jac. I'm really bad at these things because I never know what to write about myself. Some main things are just... I'm loud I complain I like to argue I'm optimistic I talk a lot, but I listen just as well. I watch too many movies, probably cause I'm lazy. I'm sarcastic, so I apologize in advance

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Liars Never Tell The Truth. 9/25/09

My first little ranting note was about internet liars, this is pretty much the same thing. Except, today I was reading a few ooc notes on facebook (because.. I roleplay..), you know, just being nosy like some people are. We all are nosy.. so shush.


This persons note went on about pretty much their life. And that's cool, if you want a stalker. They actually put about their life.. I mean like.. about their parents, and drugs and alcohol and all that shit.

Why would you share that online

You don't. Unless you're looking for attention. Unless you're lying to get people to feel bad for you. Unless you want people to like you. Why.. Why do you do that?!
Are you retarded!

I mean SERIOUSLY! If I had problems with my family.. I don't want people knowing. I wouldn't go around bragging it to people

So listen people. If you're doing an out of character note. Just make it simple. You know things like favorite movies, music, and shows. Maybe where you live (not town and all). Maybe your siblings. But seriously. Don't put shit about your life. Don't put your a recovering drug addict. Don't put you went to jail. Don't put that you were raped. Don't put that your parents killed themselves... It's just stupid to brag about that.

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