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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Could doing nothing, be more help than doing something? 9/23/09

Today in class, my teacher started talking about Global Warming

Greaaat... seriously, I think I heard enough

Is it really such a problem. I mean it's not going to affect us really. I mean, we're gonna die before it becomes such a horrible problem for us. Right?


Did you know.. there are actually places with such horrible air quality which is connected with the causes of Global warming? Did you know, there are places that have to outdoor activities and even school because it's healthier to stay inside and do nothing. Excuse my word choice but that is insane, that's retarded.

Because of driving so much, the air is being polluted (Like we don't know that part) .. so bad that it's harmful for little kids to go and learn.

If we actually didn't drive as much as we did, anyone.. anywhere.. It would show a great deal in difference. Now I don't mean, stop driving all together, but if you are in walking distance.. why not just walk. It wont kill you. And if you're not.. car pool.

I'm not normally one to complain about how the ozone is failing, and how we keep killing our planet. I'm not one to nag, but it's simple things that can do a great deal.

Baby steps my friend... are better than no steps at all

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