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Hi, I'm Jac. I'm really bad at these things because I never know what to write about myself. Some main things are just... I'm loud I complain I like to argue I'm optimistic I talk a lot, but I listen just as well. I watch too many movies, probably cause I'm lazy. I'm sarcastic, so I apologize in advance

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nothing Fights- 10/05/09

Best thing happened to me today. I was sitting in Math class. And my best friend Kelsey sits right beside me. For some odd reason we started talking about allergies. I'm allergic to quite a few things. Gluten, Lactose, not to mention dust, animal dander, and most likely pollen. So my friend, Kels, starting going on about how I could die. Because of air.
We had an hour argument on if it was possible to be allergic to the air. Here's our argument.. not word for word, but literally this is how it went

K- It's possible to be allergic to air. Like.. if we lived in a bubble, and we put ketchup in the air.. cause we're allergic to ketchup, we'd die.

J- Uhm.. no.. cause oxygen is a gas, and ketchup is a solid particle.. there for the ketchup would not mix with the air

K- Dude! Yes.. like.. if we took the particles.. and like... mixed it into the air.. like cause we're in the future and we're robots!

J- Robots don't need air to live..

K- But the ketchup in the air! We'd die. Just like if I took your cat, and chopped her up into piece and put her in the ai-

J- Okay one.. thats mean.. Two.. you're throw her up.. and she'd fall to the ground and there'd be blood everywhere.. too much for me to be allergic to her dander..

K- No but.. we're in the future and we're robots we can do this.. Little particles, that we can hardly see.

J- Kelsey.. No..cause they don't need air! And anyways.. it's the particles we'd be allergic to. Not the air!



...it went on like that for an hour.. then we asked Mrs White, our math teacher..

Let's just say.. I won this battle :)

Hah Hah, that's so funny. -9/27/09

We all have a sense of humor. Some of us have a quick sense of humor. Some dry, so sarcastic, some hilarious, some stupid.. all racist.

Yes.. all of us are racist

But.. that's not where I was going.
Where I'm going is that.. I found out.. my sense of humor is much more simpler than some peoples.
I'm going to put a series of things on here of things that I laugh at.. every time I see it.
when I say every time I mean really.. every time

Randoms http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmx1JM4ecAE

Family Guy- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk8RezcoXBc

Friends- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2C1rfr495sY

Boy Meets World- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXFLpND4Q_g


That 70's Show;;Scene 1:58 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXgr34uF-Ts

Without a Paddle: Jerry : Well I was a boyscout. Tom, you were a boyscout, weren't you?
Tom: No, but I ate a brownie once.

Carlos Mencia- Hey! He comes back, I swear to god he comes back! This movie has a happy ending He dies's on friday but then comes back on sunday and that's why we hide the eggs! By the way what do eggs have to do with Jesus Christ? I understand Christmas. 3 wise men show up with a gift 'I love you', symbolism, 'I love you, here's a gift' symbolism. I get that. How did the egg thing happen? Did somebody walk up to somebody else and say 'Hey did you hear? Jesus rose from the dead" '*GASP!* HIDE THE EGGS!.. HIDE THE EEEEGGS! We gotta trick Jesus, paint the eggs. Paint them purple, put them in the park! Trick Jesus! Tell everybody to spread the word. From now on.. eggs come from rabbits' ...'why?' 'So he doesn't take the chickens too!'

...I have an awful sense of humor.. I laugh at the most stupid things.

Don't be such a slut, virgin. 9/27/09

Know what pisses me off. People who slut themselves out...

I know this one girl. She's nice and all. But she's a total slut. Here's the key part. She's a virgin. She's slutting herself out, trying to lose it. I mean. come on!
She's become a total bitch too. Thinking she's all that in her uniform. Thinking all the guys want in that skirt. Here's a news flash hunny.

You're a slut. No one wants a slut. No one likes a slut

The other thing is that she totally denies it. And everyone tells her she is. But.. she says she's not. Then after a bit everyone gets all mad at her, she has a break down. Here's her famous line
I'll change

fuck you whore, you've never changed.

So. I just wanna say. I hate sluts. I hate girls who think all guys love them. When the truth is.. they really don't. I hate girls who are not the prettiest or skinniest and wear things that they should. Honestly.. for myself.. I know I'm not skinny.. I'm average, if not.. a little over. I don't wear bikini's, short shorts or mini skirt. I know I'm not overly pretty like some people are, so I don't act like I am.

I know when I'm a slut. I know when I'm a whore. I know that you lie so much, I want to kick your ass out the door.

That's my poem for you. I hope you enjoy it ... skank ;)

Liars Never Tell The Truth. 9/25/09

My first little ranting note was about internet liars, this is pretty much the same thing. Except, today I was reading a few ooc notes on facebook (because.. I roleplay..), you know, just being nosy like some people are. We all are nosy.. so shush.


This persons note went on about pretty much their life. And that's cool, if you want a stalker. They actually put about their life.. I mean like.. about their parents, and drugs and alcohol and all that shit.

Why would you share that online

You don't. Unless you're looking for attention. Unless you're lying to get people to feel bad for you. Unless you want people to like you. Why.. Why do you do that?!
Are you retarded!

I mean SERIOUSLY! If I had problems with my family.. I don't want people knowing. I wouldn't go around bragging it to people

So listen people. If you're doing an out of character note. Just make it simple. You know things like favorite movies, music, and shows. Maybe where you live (not town and all). Maybe your siblings. But seriously. Don't put shit about your life. Don't put your a recovering drug addict. Don't put you went to jail. Don't put that you were raped. Don't put that your parents killed themselves... It's just stupid to brag about that.

Could doing nothing, be more help than doing something? 9/23/09

Today in class, my teacher started talking about Global Warming

Greaaat... seriously, I think I heard enough

Is it really such a problem. I mean it's not going to affect us really. I mean, we're gonna die before it becomes such a horrible problem for us. Right?


Did you know.. there are actually places with such horrible air quality which is connected with the causes of Global warming? Did you know, there are places that have to outdoor activities and even school because it's healthier to stay inside and do nothing. Excuse my word choice but that is insane, that's retarded.

Because of driving so much, the air is being polluted (Like we don't know that part) .. so bad that it's harmful for little kids to go and learn.

If we actually didn't drive as much as we did, anyone.. anywhere.. It would show a great deal in difference. Now I don't mean, stop driving all together, but if you are in walking distance.. why not just walk. It wont kill you. And if you're not.. car pool.

I'm not normally one to complain about how the ozone is failing, and how we keep killing our planet. I'm not one to nag, but it's simple things that can do a great deal.

Baby steps my friend... are better than no steps at all

Realization- 9/21/09

Today in class, my teacher started a lecture on relationships. He started going on about poverty and abusive relationships. Now, it wasn't just necessarily beating, like physical, but emotional and mental abuse too.

He really got me thinking.

He continued on, saying how women will leave an abusive relationship, only to find themselves in a new one. They can't help it. Those are the men they attract.

Whoa. Stop!

Men they attract. Got me thinking again.. what kind of men do I attract. I thought about it. So hard, so long. I realized these so-called men I attract aren't even worthy of calling men.
All the "men" I have met recently are assholes. They want ass, not a person.
These "men" are liars, cheaters, scammers.
These are "men" I haven't met face to face

Then I realized

These were guys I met from roleplaying!
Are all guys on the internet just on for fucking with people?
A guy I was closest with on here, he ended up lying to me about everything. He lied to me about his whole life. The next thing I knew.. he was dead
Or so I was told.

Is everyone on the internet a liar?

Friday, January 22, 2010

January 22nd 2010

Bad end to semester one.
Do you ever just wake up and know it's going to be just an awful day?
First class, English. My favorite class. Although, it was my last english class of high school.
Homeroom, Math.
I got my mark back, for my math exam. I'm not sharing what I got -.-
Anyways. I feel like my teacher is out to get me. I will not go into detail, cause I wont stop.
Third. How about some french.
French Exam, part 2. Grammar. You try doing french grammar... so many fucking rules
Then Global.
I hate global no doubt, but today, again, my last class. We watched Troy.. I never wanted to leave. Haha
Last, english again
We started to watch The Odyssey. I ended up getting an important text, though I couldn't answer it having the teacher hanging over my shoulder...

What a lovely day -.-